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The benefits of studying in Barcelona according to TBS international representatives

International collaborators discuss the benefits that Barcelona offers for international students during a get-together event

Barcelona is a great European city, but due to its culture and the Mediterranean climate it is very easy to settle in and feel at home. As an international city, with over 700,000 expats residing in the Catalan capital, new arrivals will not feel like outsiders.

These are the benefits that were highlighted by the international collaborators of TBS who recently visited the Toulouse and Barcelona campuses to familiarise themselves with the business school.

“The broad diversity of nationalities and the large number of international students that you meet at TBS Barcelona means you never feel alone, even if you are the only student from your country in the class,” added a representative of the Travel2Study consultancy firm. As a matter of fact, the 90 new students of the first year of Bachelor in Management come from 29 different nationalities.

During the event the international collaborators met with the administration and students of TBS, which included a total of eighteen participants from various countries such as India, Ivory Coast [www.chemindelites.org] , Colombia, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Ecuador, Italy, Norway, Ukraine, Spain and Peru.

The international collaborators of TBS, whose responsibility it is to give advice and find the best universities for the young people who seek their help, received first-hand information about the TBS programmes and life in Barcelona and Toulouse.

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